“I would like to thank you for your continued support, activities and video conferences during Lockdown, it has all been very useful and informative.

I want to specifically mention the mental health seminar which you offered a few days ago which I found especially useful and applies to everyone working from home or on furlough, I personally identify with it.

A few years ago when the company I was working for downsized and almost the whole team lost their jobs including me, I decided then to form my own company and go it alone. It was a great decision so everyone was telling me but the battle I went through to keep mentally healthy was very challenging. My journey was full of worry, anxiety, lack of sleep and mostly the feeling of loneliness, lack of motivation and discipline. I am saying this because I can imagine how many people must feel the same way at the moment, as for me I have been through this previously so I am coping well with the current situation.

All the tips given by the speakers were very useful, helpful and supportive. I hope people are following the advice given because we all need to be assured that what we are going through is normal and can be dealt with and turned around to become a positive experience.

Stay safe and take care.”

Fayha Sultan, CBS - May 2020


"The Chambers has always been a source of key commercial information across the boroughs, connecting SMEs', globals, academia, central and local government thereby enabling the entrepreneurial process from all angles and never more so than during this Covid 19 crisis.

The Chambers have excelled in a way that no not-for-profit organisation should be expected to.

By pulling together a team of willing local experts, at every stage of the government's rescue packages announcements, the Chambers have delivered palatable, practical interpretations straight to my inbox within hours of central government's announcements.

To achieve this, alongside great leadership, basic resources are needed – systems, people, bandwidth, equipment all of which needs funding, via sponsorship, membership fees and grants. I have been a member for over 10 years and have shared my Covid newsletters with my clients and have held the Chambers up to the leader of my own borough council as an exemplar of how a chamber should function.

Many chambers are simply networking vehicles, they are very much more and are a vital part of the local economy and their place in the borough's recovery plan is vital."

Zarina Naqvi, Msc Fic ChMC - May 2020


"Absolutely brilliant. No selling and honest straightforward answers to all the questions. Lots of great information given by the panel.  

Thanks for reading out my question. I was very impressed with the answers and glad that the overall thinking is very different now. I’m looking forward to the bright new world by people embracing the technology.

Looking forward to the next one."

Alan Hecht, Alan Hecht Consultancy - May 2020